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Well here goes- my little blog that could. I am a proud Mama to many and a Christian who thought it might be fun to share my thoughts.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Welcome and here goes

Well here I go joining the world of bloggers. I guess I'll start by describing my self. First and foremost I am a Christian. My believe in Christ and Scripture are the most important part of my life. This blog was created as a place to further my walk with Him, a place to flesh out my thoughts and prayers. God has been moving in my life in amazing ways! One of the most amazing is the fact that he entrusted four little souls for me to mother and I pray that there will be more soon. No I'm not praying to get pregnant again, I've been praying for an absolutely wonderful man I know to become my husband and that means my family will grow quite a bit larger. Yes, I am currently a single mama. Not by choice, and that is the intense prayer that has brought me closer to God. Lord- I praise You for the salvation You have provided through the shed blood of Christ Jesus. Thank You in advance for the miracles You will work through this computer site. Please be with me as I write and flesh out my thoughts. AMEN